Professional body piercing, tattoo and high quality body jewellery services. ✨ Moonstone Hair Dye and Feral Flora Products.


Breda Weise

Breda Weise

Offering professional piercing services since 2007 - Breda, our Head Piercer and Co-founder is passionate and dedicated to the craft. Having worked in a range of Studios across SA, he offers fine jewellery, anodising as well as precision piercing services ✨
Dominque Amanda

Dominique Amanda

Offering professional piercing services since 2011 - Dominique our Pro Piercer and Co-founder is passionate and dedicated to the craft. Having a skill set covering piercing, scarification and junior tattooing, she offers a range of services with a precise eye - and a gentle hand 🌿


  • Our favorite and only piercing/body art studio!
    Always professional, quick to respond and helpful with advise. Will never get piercings done anywhere else.
    Recently bought Moonstone hairdye from them and again loved the whole experience!

    Anria Smith

    I've been going to Amethyst for my piercings and jewellery for years, and the service has been consistently excellent!. Friendly and capable staff, high quality and professional service, and beautiful and unique  jewellery to choose from. Thank you for 5 years of perfect service!

    Tayla Pringle

    I only go to Amethyst Body Art studios to receive body modification work. No other studio can compare in quality, care, cleanliness and professionalism. Dominique and Breda are first class, not only in Cape Town, but on a global stage. I live in the UK now and come back to have piercings done and jewellery changed.

    S. O'Donovan

    The best place for all your  piercing and body jewellery needs. I ordered a few gorgeous pieces from them recently and was so impressed with the how professional and helpful the team were. Their advice was spot-on and my new pieces look amazing!

    Katherine Fourie

  • I have been getting pierced by the amazing people at Amethyst Body Art for over a year now and have always been blown away at their service. They are super gentle and make sure you feel at ease throughout the entire process. I was glad to find that they follow strict protocols during the pandemic.

    Jessica Anthony

    I have been going to them for piercings and other work for the last 8 years - both family and friends have been sent their way and nobody has had a bad word to say. The work is impeccable, their knowledge is endless and they are so kind and patient. I now live in the US and still make a point to visit when I am home.

    Michaela Goodney

    I've had the pleasure of being pierced by Dom and Breda over the past few years!. I've had all sorts of different piercings including some micro dermals and they've all been super easy and painless. They are always super professional and friendly. 10/10

    Tarron Time

  • The best place to get all your piercing and tattoo needs taken care of here in Cape Town. If you're looking for an environment that is friendly and enjoyable while at the same time provides you with high quality jewellery and artwork, this is the place to be.

    Kelly Marais

    The service here is enough to give it 5 stars all on its own. They make you feel safe and comfortable and talk you through the entire process so there are no surprises. Will always recommend them to my loved ones for a safe  and empowering piercing experience.

    Sherele Bosman

    By far the most sterile and clean piercing environment I have been in, and that was pre-lockdown too! Currently they have all of the protocols and facilities in place to ensure your safety. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for some fresh piercings!

    Pasacle Sobreira

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